What Makes PT the Best Solution?

There are many transportation options available to relieve the stress and strain traffic exerts on cities and the environment.  Variations of taxi-cabs have been used for hundreds of years; the same as well for trains and subways.  In recent years the world has seen rise to host of “mass transit” systems.  Many of these systems use the same approach as metro rails but allow smaller groups to travel at a time.  Riders are still trapped into traveling to specific stations and waiting for other riders. 

The PT Solution aims to give riders the ultimate in choice.  If you need to go to the grocery store, just select it from the destination list.  Remembered you need to pick up the dry cleaning first? Change your destination en route.  The PT Solution is designed for individual and small group travel anywhere you want to go without waiting on anyone else's time table.  When a Pod needs to make a stop, it exits the ribbon rail without impeding the progress of those behind it.  Thanks to advanced computer control, the Pods never slow down and don't have to wait for traffic lights, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and efficiently.
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