Frequently Asked Questions
Do you currently have any prospective manufacturer’s that are willing to look at production of the POD, its power supplies & drive train?

How accessible are the PTs for the elderly or handicapped?

Have you discussed this system with the FTA (Federal Transportation Administration) and any potential roadblocks with regulations or permitting?

How do you address emergency situations from inside a POD? And how would someone quickly get a safe distance away from an onboard fire?

Although you say the personal transportation systems components are all currently available, what type of resources will it require to make a complete integrated, functional system?

How do you address maximum clearances along a proposed corridor? (Traffic signal mast arms, power utilities, cable/phone, etc.)

How do you address the loading and unloading of passengers from an elevated ribbon rail system? Especially if it is in the center of the ROW and the portion of ROW which holds the rail is only 12’ wide?

How do you know that 2 million dollars per mile is the amount it would take to construct the system if you do not yet know what it will take to physically produce a functional system?

How does Red Bank benefit from this system in general?

Are there FCC (Federal Communication Commission) regulations or hurdles to clear with regard to the wireless communications component of controlling the system (wireless transmission)?

How much ROW (width) is needed for this system?

If the power fails, is there a manual release? And where do you move to safely to be off the rail system since it is elevated?

If there is power loss or malfunction and the manual operation capability fails, can the passenger communicate with the POD operation center? Especially if the passenger does not have a cell phone.

If this system was accepted by the City of Red Bank, how quickly would the system be implemented / fully functional and would there be guaranteed “operational by” dates?

Is there a guaranteed level of service (operational and minimum down time)?

Is there a process for decommissioning the system if it is not performing as expected or the surrounding Cities do not take advantage of the system and spur further development or expansion of the rail?

Is there potential for Red Bank to generate revenue? And if so, what is the annual predicted amount Red Bank could receive?

Is this PT system physically feasible or completely conceptual?

There are concerns about the view shed with this system in place.

What is the City of Red Banks liability with regard to the placement of the system in its right of way if something happens to the system and it collapses or a POD crashes or a motor vehicle hits a pylon or support pier and causes a crash?

What is the weight of the POD?

What material is the POD made out of?

What would Red Bank’s “out-of-pocket” investment be?

What’s the maximum speed of the system?

What’s the proposed fee or charge per trip?

Does the price change for the fare depending on where you go? Or one set fee?

What’s the proposed height of the rail system and the separation distance between support pylons or piers?

Who pays for the power that each unit requires for charging and what is the maximum power usage and travel distance between charges?

Who performs maintenance of the system?

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