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The Need for a Solution.

For over 200 years, the goal of public transportation has been to move 1,000 people from point A to point B. Commuters had to arrange their schedules around the arrival and departure times of buses, trains and subways. The introduction of the automobile, a little more than a century ago, made commuting a more personal experience by giving the commuters the freedom to determine their own arrival and departures.

Unfortunately, the popularity of this personal freedom has increased the use of the automobile by over 250% in the US over the last 100 years. Today this personal freedom has come at the cost of impossible traffic jams, inadequate highway systems, and increased environmental pollution.   Watch the Tony Seba Video

The PT solution is a seismic shift in the goal of public transportation. The idea is to give the commuter back their personal freedom by changing the goal from moving 1,000 people from A to B, to moving 1,000 people to 1,000 different places simultaneously.


Wouldn’t it be nice if your city could reduce infrastructure inflation, which is used as one of the main reasons for increased taxes on the citizens with regular frequency? How do you do that you may ask? With this novel idea, all modern towns and cities have extensive and complex networks of underground facilities and the PT System will reduce major costs to the ongoing roadway infrastructure and the city and local utilities infrastructure beneath our roadways (e.g. water, electric, cable, fiber-optics, phone, gas, etc.). Undertaking a digging project where underground infrastructure is located, is the most frequent cause of damage to buried infrastructure and that damage is estimated at $6B annually for North America alone. By eliminating large sections of pavement, impervious right-of-ways and reclaiming green-space, it reduces overall infrastructure maintenance costs.


How much would your city save by not having to repave each time a infrastructure repair requires said pavement to be dug up and replaced as per costly city standards in the downtown area? How much would your city save by not having to spend ever increasing taxpayer dollars by paving fewer roads downtown. How big of an impact could we see toward improved storm-water run-off, improved water quality and sanitary sewer overflows due to less impervious surface? The money saved downtown in our urban area would allow a more fair distribution of tax dollars out and into the perimeter neighborhoods of the city where infrastructure like paved roadways have been neglected due to disproportionate expenditures downtown.

How much would a local worker or tourist save on parking fees and fuel? How improved would our urban air quality become where we promote outdoor activities, exercise and pedestrian facilities. How many fewer air pollution related breathing disorders and reduced medical expenses could be realized? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had non-stop, on demand and affordable public transportation. How would that improve production and profits for employers downtown with the reduced traffic volumes and delays for their employees to and from their workplace? This system would positively impact so many quality-of-life concerns. There are many issues that cannot be impacted with the same broad intensity from any other individual source or solution, aside from The PT Solution.


What is the PT Solution?

The PT Solution takes the idea of mass transit and makes it personal to the commuter, utilizing ultralight PT cockpits to speed riders along an elevated ribbon infrastructure to their chosen destination. Commuters can start there journey from their chosen PT portal and deliver them to any other connected portal.

On route, the commuter's digital valet will be able to suggest entertainment options as well as offer discounts and recommendations for local restaurants and retail locations. The on-board interface device will give riders access to internet browsing, streaming video and audio and online gaming.


We take the idea of mass transit and make it personal to the commuter.


What Makes PT the Best Solution?

There are many transportation options available to relieve the stress and strain traffic exerts on cities and the environment. Variations of taxicabs have been used for hundreds of years; the same as well for trains and subways. In recent years the world has seen rise to host of “mass transit” systems. Many of these systems use the same approach as metro rails but allow smaller groups to travel at a time. Riders are still trapped into traveling to specific stations and waiting for other riders.

The PT Solution aims to give riders the ultimate in choice. If you need to go to the grocery store, just select it from the destination list. Remembered you need to pick up the dry cleaning first? Change your destination en route. The PT Solution is designed for individual and small group travel anywhere you want to go without waiting on anyone's timetable. When a Pod needs to make a stop, it exits the ribbon rail without impeding the progress of those behind it. Thanks to advanced computer control, the Pods never slow down and don't have to wait for traffic lights, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and efficiently.


Cal Chamberlain


Cal has a progressive career in manufacturing and information technology with experience in research and development, process automation and quality improvement.

Experience managing engineers and complex projects to develop innovative technology solutions to continually improve business and manufacturing processes.

Broad business experience as President of a privately held textile company, VP of R&D of a specialty carpet mill and entrepreneur with experience conducting production cost analysis, writing business plans, meeting financial goals, deducing strategic pricing and energy efficiency analysis.

Worked on ship based tracking stations for Project Apollo, on development of the Pan Am Reservation System and development and electronic logistical support for War Modeling for General Dynamics.

Strengths include problem solving, applied technology, manufacturing innovation, business analysis and strategic planning.


Cal Chamberlain

Founder / Principal

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