ADA Compliant Design Announced


The PT Solution Launches Indiegogo Campaign


Consider Making a Contribution! visit IndieGoGo to find out more. CONTRIBUTE This is the best solution for personal transportation that is in existence today first secone third

New Development Planned in Chattanooga


Imagine the value The PT Solution could add to this exciting redevelopment project $120 million neighborhood planned in Chattanooga’s East Main Street area Read the article

What is the PT Solution?

The PT Solution takes the idea of mass transit and makes it personal to the commuter.  Utilizing digital packet switching, ultralight carbon-fiber Pods speed riders along an elevated ribbon rail to their chosen destination.  Commuters can call for a Pod from their home computer or on-the-go using the mobile app.  Their personal Pod will be …

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The Need for a Solution!


For over 200 years the goal of public transportation has been to move 1000 people from point A to point B. Commuters had to arrange their schedules around the arrival and departure times of trains and subways. The introduction of the automobile a little more than a century ago made commuting a more personal experience …

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