Research and Development


How does the PT system work?

For over 200 years the goal of public transportation has been to move 1000 people from point A to point B. Commuters had to arrange their schedules around the arrival and departure times of trains and subways. The introduction of the automobile a little more than a century ago made commuting a more personal experience by giving the commuters the freedom to determine their own arrival and departures.

Unfortunately, the popularity of this personal freedom has increased the use of the automobile by over 250% in the US over the last 100 years. Today this personal freedom has come at the cost of impossible traffic jams, inadequate highway systems, and increased environmental pollution.   Watch the Tony Seba Video

The PT Solution is a seismic shift in the goal of public transportation. The idea is to give the commuter back their personal freedom by changing the goal from moving 1000 people from A to B, to moving 1000 people to 1000 different places simultaneously.